OMG, I’m Actually doing this…

In 11th grade, I found a little old notebook someone lost in Physics. In it, I started writing my first "real" novel. It was meant to be a trilogy and to be honest, it still runs circles in my head and I might give it another swing. I got serious about writing when I was … Continue reading OMG, I’m Actually doing this…


The Mandala Blanket (2017)

In, yarn over, one-two, one-two. In, yarn over, one-two, one-two. In, yarn over, one-two, one-two. One by one double crochets formed a line as the silver aluminum hook maneuvered through the stitches. Daisy held up the piece; it was narrow at the bottom and started to widen as she continued upward, creating waves and ruffles. … Continue reading The Mandala Blanket (2017)


Enya By Desi Logan   Embers licked Enya’s nose as she sat close to the fire. Her feet bare and clothed in a thin shawl, she tended to the cauldron, making sure the soup within was enough for her sisters and father, who waited inside the makeshift shack they called home. Enya could hear the … Continue reading Enya